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Why should you work remotely?

Simply because it helps you spend more time with the people you love!

Check out Jason's story - he works remotely for Basecamp:

"My daughter comes home starving.

Taking 10 minutes to make her a snack makes both of our days. 

She could totally do it herself and I could totally keep working but which 10 minutes am I going to remember?

Which will she remember?"


A prime example of how working remotely enables you to be present and enjoy precious moments with your family.

Something that's much trickier to do when you work in an office and have to commute every day...

But it doesn't only apply to parenting! Remote work can have profound impacts in other parts of your life too:

For example, for me, it has changed the way I visit my parents.

Before, I would rush home on Friday nights, trying to catch up with everyone and hop on a plane back Sunday afternoon - feeling pretty drained after my marathon visit!

Now, I extend my visit by a few days to spend some real quality time with my parents, tagging along when they run errands. We even make time to do things together.


Working remotely enables you to be the happiest and most productive version of yourself.

I'm Rodolphe and since 2010, I’ve been working in remote teams at Buffer, Google, and Accenture - as well as running my own business.

However, applying for remote jobs can be hard... Here's what some applicants shared with me just last week:

- "What am I doing? I'm sending out resumes with a wish and a prayer"
- "There so many “remote jobs" websites out there. Where should I focus?"
- "My struggles thus far lie in just getting a foot in the door."
- "I’m not sure whether I qualify for the jobs I find?"
- "There are just not many remote jobs for people living in X..."
- "Are the "pay for full use" websites I've come across worth it?"

If any of this feels familiar, you're in the right place...

But it’s not just applying for remote jobs that’s hard - recruiting remote candidates is tough too!

Zapier is a remote company, and for their "Customer Champion" roles only 2% of applicants get a job fit interview and just 0.4% are hired.

I faced the same struggle!

Finding your dream job is tough - those remote companies can be as picky as Yale!

Here's my story:

In 2014, I was looking for a remote job. 

I really wanted to join Buffer, a startup working 100% remotely.

Thing is, I didn’t know anyone who worked there, and I had zero startup experience.

So, I created a method that worked for me, and in March 2014, Buffer offered me a $98,000/year job!

Buffer’s co-founder loved it so much that he blogged about it - you’ll hear all about it in this eBook.

The good news is that I've been on both sides of the table, and my experience as an applicant AND a recruiter has taught me a lot...

I've sorted through thousands of applications, and I'll share my methods to help make YOU stand out.

There are some key skills that you need to develop to become a successful remote worker!

This guide will get you better prepared than most applicants!

You'll be learning from CEOs, recruiters, successful applicants and hiring managers - all sharing their knowledge and insights.

In 2014, I started Remotive.io - a community that comprises 25,000+ productive remote workers.

Our mission is to help get 1,000,000 people working remotely!

This Guide is part of that mission and designed to get you ready to work remotely.  

It's condensing 7 years of my experiences into 70 pages!

This Guide also features those who've done it:

You'll find 7 real-life case studies from Remotive Community members who successfully landed remote jobs.

Folks who work full-time or who freelance, as well as technical and non-technical profiles!

Here's the table of contents -  

GOING REMOTE - A full check-up of your skills and options

FINDING OPPORTUNITIES - Finding the best remote jobs  

GETTING READY - Discovering your Unfair Advantage as a Remote Worker

APPLYING REMOTELY - Logging unique application that makes you stand out 

ACING INTERVIEWS - Interviewing remotely like a Pro

CASE STUDIES -  7 Interviews of newly minted remote workers!

REMOTIVE’S CHEAT-SHEET - Remote Worker’s Ultimate Checklist (incl. 100+ articles, videos)

Pre-order today - Pre-order today - our Guide will be available and emailed to you at the end of April 2017, in PDF Format.

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